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Anonymous asked: So I'm doing LSD for the first time and need advice. I've heard a bunch of stories where people do it in groups and they go crazy so I'm scared to do it around friends. Do you think I should do it alone or with people?

Ooooo this May or May not be terrible advice but; It really just depends on you! if it’s your first time evr I’d definitely advise you to do it with someone else. Trippin is fun alone (I actually prefer it sometimes) but you wanna make sure you’re in the right mindset n stuff n it’s always good to have a “babysitter” so u don’t do dumb stuff. Also if u do it with other people make sure they’re chill and they’re only gonna give off positive energy. Bad ppl=bad trip..u gotta stay vibin, u kno! good luck n I hope u have a safe trip my dear~*~* :}


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"Alcohol tastes better than the thought of you and her.”
— 10 word story (L.V.K.)


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